Are you running to the finish line but there are simply too many hurdles? This is a situation many people find themselves in as the end of the year is in sight. Luckily, there is one simple solution = hiring a contractor!

Here are 4 reasons why?

Flexibility ~ They Work When There Is Work To Be Done
When hiring a contractor, it is not one size fits all. Think of it as a bespoke work agreement that is catered specifically for you and your organisation’s needs. Whether you need help for a week, a couple of days a week or a year – the flexibility is there for you to choose what works best for your staff and cashflow. Another great benefit is that if you click with the contractor, you can bring them back whenever you need them again.

Save Money ~ You Get What You Pay For
Typically, contractors will be paid more than an employee mainly due to the fact that a contractor is often employed for less amount of time and paid only for the time worked. However, since there are no added expenses, it ends up saving you money. Many contractors are flexible with their hours and you choose how many hours and days you require. Plus, you don’t pay annual leave or sick days!

Less Hassle ~ Hiring Without The Headache
Hiring a contractor frees you from the intense hiring process and administrative troubles.
Not only that, when you hire an independent contractor, you are opening up the talent pool to a more experienced, business-minded group of specialists. Plus, it’s assumed that you won’t have to provide any paid training – they’re ready to go!

Dedication ~ A Guaranteed Work Ethic
Generally, contractors can be more selective about the projects they step into, resulting in them often being more passionate and focused when stepping into a role.