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Frequently Asked Questions

Salary Survey & Insights

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How do I write a resume?

1. Contact details. Centre contact details at the top of the page
Birth date and marital status. You are not legally obliged to include either detail
2. Layout
3. Summarising your strengths upfront
4. Career Profile, Career Overview, Career Summary, Career Objective?
5. Professional history
6. Description of employer

How do I apply for a HR job in Melbourne?

1. Job boards
2. Recruitment agencies – samuels donegan
3. Referrals and personal network
4. Linkedin
5. Directly with companies

Part time HR jobs in Melbourne?

Flexible, casual & part-time Human Resources & Recruitment job opportunities in Melbourne at Samuels Donegan

HR skills of the future?

• Business savvy and financial acumen. This will remain the hottest of all HR skills of the future,
• Technology and people analytics,
• People,
• Workforce planning,
• Marketing.

What jobs can I get with a HR degree?

• Human Resources Manager.
• Employee Relations Manager.
• Compensation or Benefit Analyst/Manager.
• HR Information Systems Manager.
• Training and Development Manager.
• Labor Relations Manager.

How do I get a job in human resources?

Human resources specialists are responsible for recruiting, screening, interviewing and placing workers. They may also handle employee relations, payroll, benefits, and training. Human resources managers plan, direct and coordinate the administrative functions of an organization.

How do I hire a HR professional?

1. Tap into your social network. You can find many HR professionals on LinkedIn and Twitter.
2. Use a recruitment agency such as Samuels Donegan
3. Ask for referrals. Send an email to your employees including the job description and ask them if they have a person in mind that could be the right fit.

How do I become a human resources consultant?

To be able to succeed in HR consulting, individuals must be armed with a solid education and plenty of experience. A career in HR consulting, therefore, typically begins with the completion of a bachelor’s degree in business administration, business management, finance, human resources, or a related field.

HR Salaries for Australia 2019 & 2020

Please see Samuels Donegan HR Salary Survey

10 Highest Paying Jobs in Human Resources

• Executive Recruiter. …
• Labor Relations Specialist. …
• HR Business Partner …
• Training and Development Manager. …
• Compensation and Benefits Manager. …
• HR Manager. …
• HR Director. …
• Chief HR Officer. The number one position on the list of highest-paying HR jobs is chief HR officer, also known as the vice president of human resources.

Understanding Fixed-Term Contracts (FTC)

Fixed-term employees are individuals who have an employment contract with a company that ends on a particular date, or on the completion of a specific task. … If a fixed-term employee reaches four years with the business, they may automatically become a permanent employee.

Why do employers use fixed term contracts?

Benefits of Fixed Term Contract as an employer: Fixed-term contracts can be a great way to increase labour when it is required and putting employees on a probationary period to evaluate their work before offering them a permanent contract within the organisation

Who are the HR consulting and recruitment specialists Melbourne

Samuels Donegan

HR recruiters?

Evelina Samuels
Sarah Donegan