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    Sally Leo

    Sally is passionate about helping individuals discover their true potential and find fulfilling roles where they can be their authentic selves.

    With Sally by your side, the hiring journey becomes effortless. Having recruited across various industries, Sally has developed a winning formula to ensure every hire is as joyful as the first impression. Committed, determined and radiating positivity, Sally is dedicated to seeing people succeed. Her zealous attitude, coupled with her ambition and thoughtfulness is the perfect pairing to take on any hiring challenge.

    Chloe Field

    An innovator and thought leader, Chloe is a master of tapping into the heart of an organisation and helping bring its vision to life through its people.

    Her infectious energy and extensive experience in talent acquisition, design thinking, culture, and employer branding give her a unique perspective on understanding the talent market. She is devoted to identifying and uncovering new ways to improve the recruitment experience by ensuring we are harnessing the latest tools and tech to deliver the best outcome for your business.

    Sarah Donegan

    Sarah has crafted a reputation based on her fearless advisory and knowledge of the factors that drive culture and organisational performance.

    With a firm belief that people determine the success of an organisation, she sees it as her mission to assist organisations in identifying and selecting that critical talent. Charismatic and vibrant, she is known for her integrity, compassion, and ability to provide clients with insightful and actionable market intelligence making her a supreme recruiter and executive advisor.

    Evelina Samuels

    Known for her genuine care and commitment.

    Her penchant for a challenge frequently sees her gravitate toward solving some of the toughest hiring briefs where others have failed.

    Highly engaging and driven to deliver her genuine care for other people’s success has established her reputation as a respected and trusted talent expert who continually delivers proven results.

    Elza Jenkins

    Elza is our marketing prowess who has an eye for detail. She is an anchor of calm and clarity — which is what you want from the person who is running marketing and supporting our operations

    With over a decade of experience in managing marketing and social media, Elza has developed a profound understanding of how to create impactful content that resonates and drives tangible results. Elza’s presence instantly makes you feel at home — and it’s this same ease in which she interacts with our clients and candidates.

    Claudia Swinton

    A bright mind with big ambitions, Claudia relentlessly pursues a higher standard for the recruitment industry.

    Drawing on her experience in managing teams and her cross-industry recruitment experience, Claudia’s ability to match talent to their goals, interests and values makes her a cut above the rest. Her goal is to always create a stress-free recruitment experience that lasts long after the placement is made. Claudia’s unique skills perfectly equips her with the qualities to manage our Talent Partners and an ever-changing recruitment market. And this is what makes her an essential part of S/D.