Since the pandemic, hiring trends in Australia’s job market have undergone a dramatic shift. How can you ensure you’re on a level playing field?

The global pandemic disrupted many aspects of our lives, especially how we work. People are re-evaluating things and have more options than ever before. Organisations must offer an environment where top talent can thrive in order to stay competitive.

Is your employer brand attractive to new employees?

Employer branding is a ‘hidden gem’ that should be at the top of every company’s marketing list. What is the personality of your company? What are the core values and goals that set you apart? Develop an authentic story that provides candidates with a solid picture of what it’s like to work with you. But, don’t forget, to attract talent, the narrative must ring true.

Embrace diverse and inclusive hiring

The Diversity Council Australia (DCA) tracks the state of inclusion in the Australian workforce. Their Inclusion@Work Index illustrates the massive impact that inclusion has on employees. Diversity and inclusion provide greater satisfaction, longer job retention, positive mental health, and less discrimination or harassment. Employees feel included and are more productive. Inclusive teams work hard and create a welcoming environment where innovation flourishes.

Support hybrid and remote working

During the height of the pandemic, organisations that were in tune with the ‘new normal’ pivoted to a virtual recruiting environment. They not only survived repeated lockdowns but also thrived. The shift to remote and hybrid employment has widened the talent marketplace. Opportunities to hire employees unfettered by geography have attracted many applicants with a colourful palette of skills to the market. Employers who offer flexible working conditions and competitive salaries encourage satisfied employees to perform at the top of their game.

Develop your employees’ soft skills.

Flexibility. Dependability. Problem-solving. Collaboration. Communication. Even though an employee may have solid technical abilities, a lack of soft skills limits their full potential. Organisations have come up with an assortment of creative methods to improve the emotional intelligence of their employees, from book clubs to interactive workshops – even virtual reality simulations.

Focus on the employee experience

Employees want a healthy life-work balance with empathetic employers, earn their trust, and prize their wellbeing. Instead of using surveillance software to monitor your employees or measuring output by time on the clock, evaluate your employees’ productivity by successful results. Organisations who create a humane culture and respect their employees will be rewarded with enthusiastic employees who love what they do and give their best.

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